Everyone has an attitude. Sometimes it is a good one; sometimes it is a bad one; sometimes it is an optimistic one; sometimes it is a downright grumpy one; sometimes it is even an apathetic one. But no matter what the attitude may be, it can drastically affect how we function and how we view everything that happens.

A person’s attitude can change multiple times over the course of any day. Afterall, life is a series of ups and downs and it is going to impact how we feel. But when a negative outlook starts becoming the norm for everyday life, then it’s time to take a moment and re-group.

Every now and then, life will throw us a curve ball. (Actually, sometimes it feels more like life has an automatic ball launcher that has gone haywire and you’re in the batting cage being pelted. But I digress…)

Life is life. And life is very much what you choose to make of it. Each day you are given opportunities, but sometimes they disguise themselves. Will you notice them or will you be too focused on everything that went “wrong”? Realize that failures, for example, aren’t failures — they are chances to learn and grow your experience. Challenges are not insurmountable — they are a chance to put your grit and determination to good use. Your attitude greatly determines how you view the opportunities that present themselves as well as how you approach them. So choose your attitude well and don’t be afraid to take a swing at some of those curve balls coming your way. You never know when you might just hit a home run.

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” ~ Dennis S. Brown ~