Black Belts: Don’t forget about Black Belt Extravaganza this Saturday, May 11th starting at 8:30a! Please make sure you know what time your rank group is scheduled for testing and come ready to show your stuff!!

Instructors: Please plan to show up at 7:30a for the pre-BBE Instructor workout!!

Please note that there will be no regular 9:00a or 9:45a classes that day.

Black Belt Celebration will be held next Wednesday, May 15th during the regular 6:30p Black Belt class. Results from BBE will be announced at that time!

Black Belt Boot Camp was another great success with students being able to take away specific points to focus on in preparation for testing! Techniques and board breaking set-ups were tweaked, but students were also reminded about how much attitude can factor into a successful outcome for BBE!!

She always remembered to stock mac-n-cheese for you, always had tissues and band-aids handy, and most importantly, was always prepared with hugs and kisses. So make sure you remember Mom on Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 12th! This is a special day to celebrate the incredible spirit of Moms and Grandmas who were always there to give us a dose of whatever we needed at the moment — laughter, confidence, common sense, advice, reassurance, & (always) love. Be sure to take this opportunity to appreciate Mom and everything she’s done for you!

Niblock’s ATA wishes all our TKD Moms and Grandmas a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Juniors, as an extra treat for mom, why not encourage her to join you in TKD this month? Moms train FREE for the entire month of May! So see Sr. Master for details and then bring mom with you to class for a little amped up quality time together!

Plus, if you need ideas for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, Niblock’s ATA has all gear for 10% off during the month of May. A spa package is nice, sure, but never underestimate the stress relief that comes from punching and kicking a bag. A spa package is relaxing for a few hours, but the punching bag is a gift that keeps on giving. Just a suggestion… ūüôā

Please note that there is a modified schedule for next Thursday, May 16th. There will be one class at 5:30p for all Color Belts and one class at 6:30p class for all Black Belts. Please make a note of this slight change for next Thursday (5/16) only!

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 8-May-2013: 13,600