Every event we face gives us an opportunity to choose how we react, and this in turn can influence subsequent outcomes. With the upcoming BBE, many Black Belts may be feeling a little more stressed than usual, but it is important that we maintain a positive outlook, especially if things don’t go quite how we plan.

Despite our best efforts at training and preparation, Black Belt Extravaganza can often present results we didn’t expect. Maybe we forget part of the form or stumble on a simple technique. The best thing to do is to shake it off so it doesn’t impact your performance in sparring or board breaks. Don’t let it get you down; keep a positive attitude instead! In BBE, and in life in general, speed bumps can pop up at the least opportune times. But we can choose whether we focus on the positive or the negative, and that ultimately determines what kind of experience we have.

We all hope that things go smoothly in BBE, at school, at work, at life. But that won’t always be the reality. Stuff happens — good stuff, bad stuff, crazy stuff, unexpected stuff. Always remember to approach events with a good attitude, as that often makes the biggest difference in the overall experience and what you gain from it.

“The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” ~ Dennis S. Brown ~