Congratulations on another great Black Belt Extravaganza!!! In forms, in sparring, and in the board breaks, testers showed up with the right attitude and brought their “A” game for sure! It was a hard, challenging testing experience, but everyone stayed positive and strong and that helped to encourage their fellow students when things got tough. In the end, everybody shined! Don’t ever underestimate the effect your attitude has on the outcome — our Black Belts brought their Black Belt Attitudes and rocked! Coincidence? We think not. Black Belts, YOU made it what it was, and it was AWESOME! 😀

Please note that there will be a modified schedule on Thursday, May 16th. There will be one class for all Color Belts at 5:30p and one class for all Black Belts at 6:30p. (There is no impact to Friday and Saturday classes — they will follow the normal schedule.)

Students who are eligible to compete at District Championships need to be sure to register online before the May 25th deadline! Check the District Championships section of the ATA website for more details on this exciting new event!!

Don’t forget: Moms train free during the month of May! Moms, this is a great opportunity for you to try out TKD class and see what it’s all about. You’ll get a new perspective on what your kids are doing and why they enjoy it so much too! This is a great way to get fit, have fun, and get stress relief all in one! So next time you bring your kid to class, come on out on the blue floor with them and kick it into high gear!! It’ll be an event to remember (because your muscles won’t let you forget it for a while.) 😉

Just a reminder that all gear is 10% off through the end of May at Niblock’s ATA! This is perfect timing with graduation in the air. We have middle and high school graduations, college graduations, Color Belt graduations, Black Belt graduations, work promotions… Why not reward your TKD student’s accomplishment with a special item chosen just for them?! It’s a great (& fitting) way to reward all their hard work, perseverance, and discipline!

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 15-May-2013: 14,525