District Championships are this weekend on June 8th in Mesquite, TX. We will be cheering on the following students from our school as they take part in this new & exciting tournament:

  • Mr. Thomas Burkman
  • Mr. Eric Packer
  • Mr. Bayne McCravy
  • Mrs. Nancy Ansley
  • Mr. Christopher McCravy

There are also several students from Ms. Barrett’s school and Mr. Bertling’s school attending as well so we hope everyone does well and has fun!!

Color Belt Graduation is tomorrow (Thursday, June 6th)! Tiny Tigers graduate at 4:30p; Jr. Leadership graduates at 5:00p; Leadership & Black Belt Training graduate at 5:30p; and Basic graduates at 6:30p.

Black Belts: Please note there is no 7p Black Belt class that day, but please do plan to attend the graduations to assist and cheer on our Color Belts (aka our future Black Belts :D)!

DADS!!! It’s your turn to train free! All TKD dads are invited to train for free during the entire month of June. If one of your goals was to exercise more, this is a great way to get a little additional exercise into your schedule. Just let Sr. Master know if you are interested and he’ll get you all set up!

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 5-June-2013: 17,300