World Championships is July 8-14th! That’s just around the corner!! We have several students from our school competing, as well as several testing for rank, and they have all been working hard on refining their strategy and/or technique! And our very own Sr. Master has also been preparing for a while to achieve his goal of becoming a Chief Master! With the theme of the month being perseverance, these are great examples in action and World Championships is the culmination of that sustained work and focus!!

There are a couple of very special events taking place this year: our very own Sr. Master will earn the title of Chief Master, and someone very important and influential in his TKD career (his instructor), Chief Master Robert Allemier, will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award!!

The following students will be competing for the title of World Champion:

  • Ms. Chantell Barrett
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman
  • Mr. Eric Packer
  • Mr. Vincent Young
  • Mrs. Nancy Ansley

And we have several students testing for rank:

  • Mr. Michael Pak (testing for 6th)
  • Ms. Chantell Barrett (testing for 6th)
  • Mr. Eric Packer (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Alan Thomas (testing for 4th)

They have worked hard for these opportunities and we know they will all do great!

Dads, it’s the last week to train for free during the month of June! So kick it into gear and see Sr. Master for details on how you can try out TKD before this opportunity expires!!

Please note that the school will be closed from Thursday, July 4th thru Saturday, July 6th for the Independence day holiday. Classes will resume on Monday, July 8th.
Also please watch for a modified class schedule during Worlds week. We will post the modified schedule on the website calendar as soon as possible!

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 26-June-2013: 20,250

Did you notice?! Sr. Master has just passed the halfway point of his goal with a little more than half the year left! Think he may surpass 40,000 push-ups? 🙂