World Championships is next week, July 8- 14th! If you have never experienced World Championships, you should definitely check it out this year because we have a LOT to be excited about!

First, the following students are competing for the title of World Champion:

  • Ms. Chantell Barrett
  • Mr. Scott Larsen
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman
  • Mr. Eric Packer
  • Mr. Vincent Young
  • Mrs. Nancy Ansley

Second, the following students are testing for rank:

  • Ms. Chantell Barrett (testing for 6th)
  • Mr. Michael Pak (testing for 6th)
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Eric Packer (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Alan Thomas (testing for 4th)

And last, but certainly not least, our very own Sr. Master Michael Niblock achieves the title of Chief Master!!! This is a goal that he has been working towards for several years and we are thrilled and proud of his accomplishment!! Plus, it totally rocks that we will now have two really awesome Chief Masters at our school! They have provided great examples of attitude and perseverance for us to follow and we’re very lucky to have them as our instructors!

Please note that the school will be closed from Thursday, July 4th thru Saturday, July 6th for the Independence day holiday. Please be safe if you will be traveling (or even if you are just staying home and shooting fireworks) and relax and enjoy the time off. Classes will resume on Monday, July 8th.

Also, please note that we have a modified class schedule during “Worlds” week. Currently, there will only be one Color Belt class (@ 5:30p) and one Black Belt class (@ 6:30p) daily from Monday (7/8) through Thursday (7/11). The school will be closed on Friday (7/12) but there will be regular classes on Saturday (7/13).

The modified schedule has been posted on the website calendar but be sure to check it out each day in case we need to make any last minute changes! We will do our best to keep everyone informed of any further modifications to the schedule!

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 3-July-2013: 21,200