We are cheering in Round Rock for all our fellow students at World Championships in Little Rock this week!

These fellow students and instructors are competing for the title of World Champion:

  • Ms. Chantell Barrett
  • Mr. Scott Larsen
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman
  • Mr. Eric Packer
  • Mr. Vincent Young
  • Mrs. Nancy Ansley
  • Mr. Camron Burkman

And these fellow students and instructors are testing for rank:

  • Ms. Chantell Barrett (testing for 6th)
  • Mr. Michael Pak (testing for 6th)
  • Mr. Thomas Burkman (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Eric Packer (testing for 4th)
  • Mr. Alan Thomas (testing for 4th)

We also have students and instructors taking seminars this week so they can come back and teach us all about the intricacies of the different weapons and weapon forms.

And last, but most certainly not least, Sr. Master Michael Niblock will achieve the title of Chief Master!!!

There is a lot to be excited about this week! If you’re hanging out in Round Rock, definitely make some time to come to the evening classes. We have several instructors making sure you will still get an awesome workout this week. And if you are in Little Rock, work hard, do your best, and enjoy the awesome experience that is Worlds!!

Please note that the school has a modified schedule for Worlds week.We have a 5:30p Color Belt class and 6:30p Black Belt class on Thursday, no classes on Friday, and regular classes on Saturday.

Please also note that the school will be closed on Monday, July 15th as a Rest & Recovery day for all our Worlds participants. Regular class schedule resumes on Tuesday, July 16th.

Sr. Master’s push-up goal: 40,000
Push-up count as of 10-July-2013: 21,980